Our services are best experienced in-person! We do live-stream them for people who really can’t make it.

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0900 & 1030, Sunday 14th April 2024

We’re reading the last page of the book! Luke’s book – Luke 24:36-53. And yes – it does give it all away. Come and see how.

Children’s Sunday Club is starting up again looking at Identity: “I am made by God”

Our Youtube Channel is youtube.com/@StLawrenceChurchMorden

The 10:30am Service has our Sunday Kids’ Club (apart from on All-Age Sundays). Children start the service in the main building with everyone, before leaving after about 15 minutes to join their groups. There will also be a Creche available for 0-2s.

The 9:00am Service is a quiet service of Morning Prayer or the Lord’s Supper in a slightly more traditional style, with no children’s groups or creche. (We recommend that parents with children attend the 10:30am service)

Come along and join in our gatherings. Guests and visitors are always welcome, and you don’t have to take part – you can just watch and think about what we’re up to in you want!

0900 & 1030, Sunday 7th April 2024

As we carry on with Luke’s account of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we meet two disconsolate disciples on the road to their home village, Emmaus – but who could this be who walks home with them???

There’s a “Kids’ Special” for Sunday Clubbers this Sunday.

There’s no 0900 livestream this week – sorry!

0900 & 1030, Easter Sunday, 31st March 2024

Come and celebrate with us!

Our 1030 meeting will be an ‘all age’ service – in other words, it’ll be child friendly.

0900 & 1030, Sunday 24th March

It’s Palm Sunday – so we’re going back in our series to Luke 19:28-44

Meanwhile in Sunday Club they’re going forward in the story, and looking at Jesus’ ascension, Luke 24:44-53

Handouts are here…

0900 & 1030, Sunday 17th March 2024

Continuing our “Jesus: Suffering and Saving” series in Luke’s Gospel, we get to Luke 23:44-56, with the death and burial of the Saviour of the World. Come along and find out why this is so important still today!

0900 and 1030, Sunday 10th March 2024

It’s Mothering Sunday, and we’ll be celebrating that at both our 0900 and 1030 services.

The 1030 service will be for all ages – that is, no Sunday Club and the children stay in throughout, with an all-age friendly talk. We’re looking at “the Thief on the Cross” – Luke 23:39-43 – as we continue in our series with Jesus, Suffering and Saving in Luke’s Gospel.