At last things are happening. Praise the Lord. The Lychgate has been dismantled and taken to the restorer’s workshop. We anticipate its return in May 2022.

17th March 2022
5th June 2021

Update 18th March 2022

The lychgate was dismantled on Tuesday 15th March, and then taken away to the workshops of the restorers. It is scheduled to be returned and rebuilt in May.

Update 2nd March 2022

The contractors are a family firm, and I have been informed that a close bereavement has put them out of action for two weeks. We now expect them on site on 14th March. They anticipate the lychgate being away for two months – previously the target week for its return was 10th May but I expect that will need to be put back too.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the family.

David Heath-Whyte, Rector, 2nd March 2022

Update 25th February 2022

The contractors are now due to start on 1st March, and will spend two days on site before removing the lychgate for restoration elsewhere. We have been unable to obtain a schedule of works despite several requests.

Update 10th February 2022

I understand that the contractors are due to start work on 28th February.

David Heath-Whyte, Rector, 10th February 2022

Update, 19th December 2021

Ridge & the Diocesan planners have done lots of negotiating, and the plans for restoration have been accepted and approved. We now anticipate that the lychgate will be moved away for restoration in January 2022.

David Heath-Whyte, Rector, 19th December 2021

Update, 8th November 2021

Our church insurers, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, have appointed Ridge and Partners LLP to oversee the project.

Since the church building is a Grade I listed building, the lychgate has to be restored in accordance with Grade I rules, and this is being taken account of in the planning.

I understand that a restoration company has inspected the lychgate and provided Ridge & co with appropriate information, and that we are awaiting action from Ridge to further the project.

Sadly it will not be reinstated before Remembrance Sunday 2021.

David Heath-Whyte, Rector, 8th November 2021