We are now meeting in person in the St Lawrence building again, as well as streaming that service live on Youtube. We are doing things differently from ‘normal’ to reduce the risk of Covid transmission. Occasionally we meet in the churchyard so that more people can come and everyone can sing.

We are asking people to register in advance for our services – space is limited, and it allows us to plan the seating to get the most people in.

Before you register please read the information here so that you know what to expect. To register, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Because of the Government’s Coronavirus advice for churches, services are different to what we’re used to at St Lawrence, but we’re grateful that we can still meet in person.

Here are some of the features of the services:


We live-stream the services. You can find the link to that feed on stlm.uk/online as usual

Let us know on the form below if you want to attend but do not want to be seen on video, and we will try to position you out of view.


You must book to come, at least 24 hours before the start of the service. I know this is weird, and yes we will probably have space for random arrivals, but if you book we can plan seating to get the most people in. See below for the form (but read all the rest first please).

You can book by telephone – call Charles Jeffery on

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus

Do not come – even if you have registered. Email or call us to tell us you can’t make it. If you’d like prayer, let us know.

Service Length

We’ll be aiming at:

  • 9:00am Morning Prayer or the Lord’s Supper, 50 minutes
  • 10:30am All-Age Service, 45 minutes
  • 10:30am Normal Service, 60 minutes

Please arrive to be seated at least 5 minutes before the service starts.

Safety before, during and after the service

Outside the building we ask you to maintain 2m distancing.

Inside we will be all wearing facemasks (except service leaders), and maintaining 1m+ distancing. You will have to stay in your pew throughout the service, except for toilet breaks.

We will be ventilating the church, so it may be cooler than you expect.

After the service we will ask you to leave the building without socialising. As an extended part of the 10:30am service we will attempt to sing in the Churchyard in the weather permits.

Getting In

Please enter the church by the old main entrance – this is on the South side of the building, nearest to Manor House / The George.

Use of Merton College Car Park is restricted by the Covid testing centre, but there are still places available. Once parked, you can now walk through the churchyard, but please do not try to enter through the Church Centre – go around the East end of the building and to the ‘old’ main door.


We are very keen for children to be able to join in with what we do.
Our Sunday Club at the 10:30am service has just restarted:

The first 10-15 minutes of the service will be slightly different, to account for the children joining in from Sunday Club by video.

If you’re attending without children, this will carry on as before – please continue to register in advance on register.stlm.uk. If you’re coming with children – great – register on register.stlm.uk – and this is what you need to know:

  • We have checked Government regulations, made a risk assessment, and are seeking to comply with all guidelines to limit the spread of Coronavirus
  • We have new group names: Acorns (0-3s), Seedlings (3-6s), Saplings (7-10s), Oaks (10-14s)
  • Please drop your child off with Sunday Club BEFORE the service begins:
    Seedlings and Saplings in the Cottage Room, Oaks in the Coffee Lounge
  • Children will spend the whole service in Sunday Club: they will participate with the first 10-15 minutes of the service via the video screens. For this reason they must be there before 10:30am!
  • At the end of the service, please go to pick up your child immediately after the warden asks your pew to move.
    Please go to whichever places are necessary for your children, IN THIS ORDER:
    • Saplings: from the coffee lounge
    • Seedlings: from the cottage room
    • Leave the Church Centre via the Church Centre door
    • Oaks: from outside the Church porch
    • Please join us for outdoor singing and refreshments
  • Acorns (The Creche) will be open throughout the service

Please bring your own…

  • Cushions (the pew cushions will be removed)
  • Water
  • Bible (or use an app)

If you can’t manage a pew, please let us know using the form below, we have some space that we can use flexibly.


We are serving refreshments as part of the extended 10:30am service in the churchyard, when weather permits.


For safety reasons it is best to give electronically – please see our giving page. We will have a giving box available in the building for envelope / cash giving.

Test and Trace

At the service you will be invited to leave your details for the Government’s Test and Trace scheme. You can also scan a QR code for the Governments Covid tracing app.

Please read this Government Advice

  • Worshippers should limit their interactions with anyone they are not attending with, i.e. wherever possible they should try not to engage in conversation with anyone outside of the group they are attending with.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell) should not attend due to the risk that they pose to others; they should self-isolate at home immediately with other members of their household. Remote participation should be considered by live streaming.
  • Where individuals are self-isolating due to a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the household, or because they have been requested to so by NHS Test & Trace, they should participate remotely.
  • Certain groups of people may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are aged 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions. Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.
  • Shielded patients are currently advised not to meet more than one person from outside of their own household, and therefore not currently advised to attend services, but participate remotely.

Register for a Sunday Service

Now that you’ve read all that, if you’d like to come please register using our web app. If you are coming with another household in a bubble, please include them in your numbers.

Use our new Web App: https://register.stlm.uk – make an account and you can keep track of your bookings, edit them, and get email notifications – in seconds.

To help us plan for services while Coronavirus restrictions are in place, please register for the Sunday Service at least 24 hours before the service begins.