Eastern Electrics is a large music festival taking place in Morden Park, behind the church, on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2018.

Here’s information for local residents, from the organisers: EE 2018 Residents Letter

During the event you can contact the organisers on 02081917220 – they might send noise-monitoring people to your address if you ask – although the limit the council has set for them is ridiculously high.

You can also log a “statutory noise nuisance” complaint with Merton Council. Call 020 8274 4901 – you’ll get a recorded message, press 2 for emergency council matters and ask to report a noise issue. They can only log it, but that’s still useful for the future.

Contact the police on 999 if you have any trouble from festival customers.

Access to the church and churchyard may be difficult during the event, and parking will be severely limited. Sunday services will be taking place as usual at 9:00, 10:30 and 18:30. We will be stewarding the churchyard all day on both Saturday and Sunday (contact us to help – text 07451220360)

We have a few parking permits for the Public Car Park next to the Register Office, please contact us if you would like one (contact form, or text 07451220360).